Dan Kurfirst is an NYC based percussionist, composer and improviser. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, his music is a product of his good fortune to have been brought up amongst people of all different cultures and master practitioners of varying musical styles.  Read More

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  • ASEFA: Delacroix’s Moroccan Nights

    Judeo-Islamic Soundscapes from City to Village Dr. Samuel Torjman Thomas, vocals, oud, nay, lotar...

    December 21 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Metropolitain Museum of Art: Great Hall Balcony

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Ronald Shannon Jackson

obviously, there are no singular favorites or best.

with that in mind, Ronald Shannon Jackson is my favorite drummer, and my favorite composer/band-leader.

in my opinion, that is because there is no essential difference between his drumming and his composition.


AQ Quartet feat. Dan Kurfirst & Elvira Sarykhalil on Hromadske TV, Kiev

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