Ensemble Fanaa

Ensemble Fanaa is the meeting point between a myriad of musical styles in the African American, North African and Middle Eastern traditions. Daro Behroozi(Alto Saxophone/Bass clarinet), John Murchison(Upright Bass, Gimbri) and Dan Kurfirst(Drumset/Frame Drums) utilize their thorough experience in these musics to explore the possibilities of applying approaches learned from the traditions of African American improvisation to an emerging global musical culture.

American Sufi Project

A Project demonstrating the potential for cross cultural collaboration, particularly between the west and Islamic world. Reinterpritations of traditional Sufi Repetoire in a modern context.


Dan Kurfirst – Frame Drums/Musical Director

Tomchess – Ney

Gabriel Marin – Fretless Electric Guitar

John Ferrara – U-bass

Tomchess/Mimi Jong/Dan Kurfirst

New music under the direction of a dear friend and mentor, Tomchess. From the album Secret Key Sun Heart Wing Ear Sky.


Tomchess– Ney

Mimi Jong – Erhu

Dan Kurfirst– Percussion